This girl is dangerous with tools in her hands.

​​Here is Dean...... Giving directions to Scott.

Toni and Don have it under control!!

Looks like Mark and Dave have it figured out.

Is this a Union job?? Donny, Scott and Rhonda.

​Look at hard working Dylan with the shovel....


The New Beautiful Dance Hall.......

​​We would like to thank the following friends for all their help on the Dance Hall that will be shared by so many!  Dale and Gini Britton, Andrew Kidd, Bill and Cheryl Vangunda, Don Scheidegger, Donny Nearhoff, Melissa Vess, Rick Gedert and Dylan,  Mykel and Candis Berggren, Scott Thompson, Rhonda Gardiner-Thompson, Ron Biberthaler and TeAnna Hulse, Toni Accettola, Mark Zetterberg, Dean Haywood, Leroy Atencio, Debra Morris, David Rivenes, Chuck and Melody Estes, Jake Nyjordet, and Dave Donaldson...   And Mavrick McClure for the christening fluid!

​Taking a break....Dylan is leading the way..Type your paragraph here.

Bob, Billy and Mark.

Finally.......They waited all day wondering if I was going to feed them...

y​Ron and Mark working hard.

​Ok... you ate....Now back to work Billy!Type your paragraph here.

​You're not done yet are you Mark??

Never a dull day at the Pell Ranch and dancehall!!!

Toni and Debbie cleaning up the Metal.

Manny looks deep in thought...

Gini scares me!!!

It's been a long road, but it's almost DONE

Type your paragraph here.

I had the vision but Bob made it happen.

The building of the PELL RANCH.

​I think Cheryl needs a John Deere!!